Timing is flexible,

6 hrs charter

We recommend a guided ratio of 4:1.

2 dives, or 1 dive with snorkelling in the afternoon or scenic tour and island stop.

Pick up from Paroa Bay.


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Reef diving in the Bay of Islands is completely different from anywhere were else in the world. We have a blended zone with tropical fish brought down to our temperate environment, so often we hear it called sub-tropical. 


These wayward tropical fish are brought south by the East Auckland Current.

As well as all these tropical fish we see some amazing New Zealand residents. We have the largest Stingrays in the world, with our Short tail Rays getting up to 3m across and weighting over 300kg.!

Water temperature in the bay of Islands ranges from 15c in late winter and early spring up to 22c in late summer and autumn.

Visibility is consistently around 15 to 20 metres, but can get up to 40m in late summer when the blue water is in. This is when we have had east winds for a while and it pushes open ocean water onto the coast. When this happens we can see Sea Turtles, Manta Ray and the game boats of shore often see Whale Sharks.

The Lindis

Ahuriri Valley

1490 Birchwood Road

Ahuriri Valley 9412

+64 3 976 1589 

  • The Lindis
  • The Lindis

Paroa Bay Winery


31 Otamarua Rd,

Russell 0271,

Bay of Islands,

Sage Restaurant

+64 9 403 8270 

  • Paroa Bay Winery
  • Paroa Bay Winery

Chalet New Zermatt


Lot 10 Forestline Rise

Moke Lake Road

Queenstown 9300

+64 3 976 1589 

Mt Isthmus


2751 Makarora-Lake

Hāwea Rd

  • Chalet New Zermatt
  • Chalet New Zermatt
  • Mt Isthmus
  • Mt Isthmus