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Explore more of Ben Avon station & The Ahuriri Valley by jumping on one of our e-bikes and ride through the valley. 


Go as little or far as you like, with many places to explore, the electric power assist will help you get further than on foot! Go off road for the adventurous, or stay on the flat for a scenic ride, there are options to suit everyone. 


Leave directly from the lodge and travel approximately 7km to Birchwood homestead. Stop at wetlands along the way and look for plants and wildlife. 


The upper Ahuriri Valley offers great biking access. Get dropped at the end of Birchwood Road (a scenic drive is involved to get here) and then travel 5km through tussock to Shamrock Hut. 

Hagens Hut is a further 6kms up the valley for those wanting to go the extra distance (this does involve river crossings so a guide will be necessary). 

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