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The Lindis Group

Alysse Hudson

The Lindis Group Marketing Manager

Alysse, tell us about your role and what you do for The Lindis Group?

Hello, I am the Marketing Manager for The Lindis Group. My role is to oversee and facilitate all marketing activities across our incredible destinations – The Lindis, Mt Isthmus, Paroa Bay Winery and our new addition; Clos Ostler. It is a great role and very diverse!

Tell us about your previous experience and background.

I studied Marketing and Event Management at university and have worked in marketing roles and hospitality roles before joining The Lindis Group in 2018.

What is your favourite thing to do onsite or in the area?

I have been lucky enough to live onsite at The Lindis for two years before moving close to Paroa Bay Winery in the Bay of Islands. This is a tough question to answer, because the options are limitless. 

The Lindis – waking up early to see the beautiful colours of the sky and staying up late to see the clear skies and millions of stars that look down on you.

Paroa Bay Winery – A lunch at Sage Restaurant and a glass of Paroa Bay wine as you look over the Bay of Islands is very hard to beat!

Lastly, what do you love most about New Zealand?

New Zealand is an incredibly country to live in and for International guests, an incredible country to visit. Being about to have breakfast in the Bay of Islands at Paroa Bay Winery, lunch in Queenstown, to then arrive at The Lindis late afternoon is an experience within itself. The quick journey across the country will show you the beauty of NZ from beaches to mountains within a matter of hours.

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