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The Lindis Group
The Lindis Group

William Hudson

The Lindis Group Managing Director

William,  tell us about your role and what you do for The Lindis Group?

I’m incredibly fortunate to be the Managing Director for The Lindis Group and I get to work with some of the best hospitality professionals in New Zealand. At The Lindis Group I am responsible for the analysing new opportunities, pre-opening of properties , strategic direction, awareness marketing, sales and relationship building, developing and building cohesive teams and processes and setting service standards — amid myriad other aspects of opening and managing properties.

Tell us about your previous experience and background.

I started my career  in the luxury accommodation sector of New Zealand at Eagles Nest in the Bay of Islands where I developed a personal passion for the tourism industry before moving on to start what is now The Lindis Group. Being in an incredible position to showcase the very best of a country that I am so passionate about is an absolute privilege.  

What is your favourite thing to do onsite or in the area?

Being that I get to spend a lot of time at all of our properties – it may be deep sea fishing out from Paroa Bay in the Bay of Islands, star gazing  with a glass of Ostler Pinot Noir at The Lindis or hiking to the top of Mt Isthmus overlooking Lake Hāwea – just some of things I get to experience regularly!

Lastly, what do you love most about New Zealand?

I believe that New Zealand offers the complete experience- from the people, the culture through to the vistas. I pride myself on my dedication to providing the highest standard of service which is underwritten by my desire to showcase the best of what New Zealand has to offer on every front — from the natural environment, through wine, cuisine and hospitality.

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