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“Motu Kōkako” is the Maori name for the motu / island, the origin of which is said to have eventuated in ancient times and translated means Kokako Island. The Kokako is a bird that once inhabited the motu, whose feathers were valued by Ngapuhi. Historically, young male warriors would journey to Motu Kōkako and climb its xsteep cliffs to gather Kokako feathers for their Korowai (feathered cloak). The motu has also been known as Piercy Island, a name given by Captain James Cook.

For many years visitors have come to the Bay of Islands to venture through this top New Zealand icon the Hole in the Rock on boats. Now, with the formal blessing of Motu Kokako Ahuwhenua Trust, you can experience it up close and on foot, landing by helicopter on an exclusive helipad on top of the island. You have the option to land on the island with a brief stop on the viewing platform or be hosted on the island by a local Maori Guide, who will share the islands’ unique history and its cultural and ecological significance. Being surrounded by steep cliffs (over 150 metres high) and stunning scenery looking towards Cape Brett and its surrounds, this unique landing location will no doubt appeal to the adventurous.

Available Options: 

(Option 1) Land on Hole in the Rock

(Option 2) Land on Hole in the Rock with Coastal Discovery flight path 

(Option 3) Land on Hole in the Rock with a 1-hour experience with a local Maori guide.

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