Paroa Bay New Zealand

There are few places in the world where you get the sense of land emerging from the ocean — where you can trace the contours of the land down below the waterline — where land and ocean are not binary or separate, but continuous. New Zealand’s Paroa Bay is one of these places — a sheltered inlet enveloped by a perfectly irregular peninsula —with the larger subtropical and iconic Bay of Islands stretching out across the horizon. 

Perched above this breath-taking bay is our premier luxury accommodation — Paroa Bay Winery and Estate. Our property features three superb villas, a sprawling boutique vineyard, and our world-class restaurant Sage — ensuring every aspect of a luxurious experience is not only catered to but plentifully provided for. 


As the land traces below the high water mark it also traces up — and it is our goal with our Paroa Bay Winery to be part of the continuity of nature — to exist serenely and to complement the natural world, and by doing so, we provide our guests with an experience of complete relaxation and luxury in this unique and awe-inspiring setting.

Learn about the rich and complex viticulture techniques of Paroa Bay Winery or get out an explore the Bay of Islands by land, boat or air — we offer experiences and activities of every speed, for every age.

Luxury Sole Use Villa Experience

Perched above the breath-taking Paroa Bay and overlooking our vineyard are our premier villas; Tarāpuga, Weka and Vineyard Cottage. All aspects of our property have been carefully curated to complement our natural domain.

Uniquely ‘New Zealand’

We do not have to look far for inspiration at Sage, our restaurant at Paroa Bay Winery. From the end of the fishing line cast into the Bay of Islands to the orchard doors of our suppliers, our locally grown and sourced ingredients combine seamlessly into a refreshingly creative New Zealand take on fine-dining cuisine.

Sage Restaurant Paroa Bay New Zealand
Paroa Bay Winery


With the iconic Bay of Islands stretching out across the horizon, Paroa Bay is a sheltered inlet enveloped by a perfectly irregular peninsula.


At Paroa Bay Winery we have a perceptive and holistic approach to winemaking, one that listens to the natural rhythms of the earth and utilises the invaluable touch of the human hand in the making process.


Winemaker: Paul Goodege