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The Lindis
The Lindis

Dane Archery

The Lindis Head Chef

My role here at The Lindis lodge is a unique one to say the least. I have the privilege of cooking for guests in such close quarters that I am able to get to know guests and their likes and preferences. Which is helped greatly by the amazing work that Jenny and Elise do prior to a guests arrival. The nature of our fluid menus allows me to take this into account before finalising our menus which change somewhat most days. This in turn allows me to chase and support my greatest passion. Get out into the community and meet true food heroes. The real people that do the hard work to produce great food. In this part of the country they are abundant. I would go as far as to say like nowhere else on earth. Yes our supply chain is not as advanced as that of a Tokyo or Naples. But that’s what I love about it. My duck egg supplier supplies us alone. I drive out have a cup of tea and a gingernut, hang out with grand kids and get the freshest duck eggs from the happiest ducks. When I order just ten litres of olive oil the finest olive oil I have tasted and not by a little way. Jocelyn replied thank you so much for the big order. My fish guy Tim Barnett from Oceanspeared dives and spear fishes. He takes an order first, he won’t kill something just in case he can sell it. This week he saw octopus so sent me a video message from the boat to ask if I would like it. These people I wish them all the success in the world but I am so happy that I am able to use them whilst they are this size and have the time for cups of tea or a beer here and there. The connection I able to have with my suppliers with the produce and with the guest is what I live for. It is my mission on earth to spread love through food. It’s what I grew up witnessing. Its what my family does, it’s what my family has always done. I come from a long line of cooks and I am so proud to be the next generation along with some of my cousins that do the same. My late mother made a habit of spreading love through food. Her table was the centre of every community we ever belonged to. I watched her in awe from her apron strings is where I learnt my craft. There was a time the industry confused me and ego lead me astray from my purpose and lead to selfish cookery. That’s why I find myself here. A place I am able to be me. Cook from my heart forget Ludacris notions like food trends. As not a small bonus it just happens to all happen amongst perhaps the most beautiful landscape on earth.

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